Lisa Haggitt

Therapist Droitwich Spa

I’m Lisa, a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Master NLP Practitioner, EMDR Practitioner and Reiki Master. I run my Bow Lodge Therapy practice from a designated consultancy room in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire.

Therapy with me starts with a FREE initial telephone consultation (around 20 minutes) where I assess whether there’s a ‘fit’ between a potential client’s needs and expectations and the therapies I offer. Being effective with a client is important to me, If I think what I do will help I will say so at this stage.

“Past trauma should never limit your life journey. Unlock your potential and fly”

What do I treat?

· Anxiety / Freedom from worry

· Banish Stress and Tension

· Anger Management

· Pain Relief


· Stop Smoking 

· Phobias

· Panic Attacks

· Trauma Relief

· Behaviour Change

· Confidence Building

· Weight Loss

· Sports Performance

· Eating Disorders

· Reduce Procrastination

· Unhealthy Habits

Ready to help you start your journey

All clients are offered a FREE twenty-minute telephone consultation to discuss their particular situation and issues before an appointment is given. 

What is The Process Like?

1. All clients are assessed during an initial phone assessment, which is free of charge.

2. If a client is happy to move matters forward, we will then meet in my consulting room.

3. Clients are asked to complete a confidential questionnaire before our first face to face meeting.

4. After the initial meeting, a client can then elect to continue sessions on-line or in person.

5. The therapies offered can be truly life enhancing. How many sessions a client requires is dependent on the client’s response to the treatment offered, as well as their commitment to change. Each session is approximately one hour long apart from the first face to face consultation which is likely to be one and a half hours.

 “Hypnotherapy can work where other avenues have failed”

Bow Lodge Therapies

71 Corbett Avenue, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 7BH